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About Alison

Mission Statement


Our mission is embedded in our name. Why Elephant Garden? Elephants are the largest land mammals on the planet and yet they are herbivores. Elephants are also fiercely protective of their young-at almost any cost. These highly intelligent majestic animals are known for their compassion, understanding, loyalty, and keen sense of duty to their herd; it is this strong family bond that is the hallmark of the elephant pack.


What better symbol for an urban garden established for the purpose of promoting healthy diets, engaging and training the youth of the community to grow organic vegetables and fruit, and fostering a positive community environment in which to raise families? 


Inception and Alignment


Elephant Garden represents a vision demanding to be materialized by way of need. It is located in an area designated as a “food desert” so we believe the need called for an agent of change to come forth. Therefore the actual inception began long ago, when necessity impregnated the community. However, the “baby” elephant took some time to become a reality and did not manifest until 2015. It is perfectly aligned with the community which gave birth to it in the same manner in which a child is aligned with its Mother. The Elephant Garden, the community, and the planet have a reciprocal and cyclical relationship, inasmuch as the Community sustains the Garden and it, in turn, represents sustainability for the planet which in turn sustains the community. The Elephant Garden provides healthy organic vegetables some fruits and other foods for the community. What is grown in the garden is grown in ways that nurture and cultivate the earth with the intent of literally creating a culture of Love, respect and duty towards our Earth and we who came forth from the Earth.

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